Hey Parents! If you are reading this, then congratulations! You are officially reading the way we will update all of our parents in the future. As the need arises I will send links via email and text to you to update you about a new blog post. My hope is that these posts will better keep us all in the loop on what is happening for families at the church. Also if you have questions you can now simply comment on the blog post! Gotta love convenience!

As for what is happening right now at WABC:

We really desire for our families to value the importance of serving TOGETHER. This gives your children a chance to see you living out the Gospel in front of them. Use these opportunity to reaffirm and share the good news about Jesus with your kids! That being said we have a great opportunity for you to serve together next Saturday with Operation Christmas Child. 

Click here for details on Operation Christmas Child

Also be sure and join us for Movie Night this coming Friday beginning at 5:30PM here at the church!

Moms, we have a cooking class just for you coming up next Sunday, November 15th at 3PM. Dinner On A Dime will take place here at the church and is being led by the Avenue Women. Join them to learn a new recipe but use this as an opportunity to serve a neighbor or friend. Everyone who attends the class will also be preparing a meal. Take that meal and bless someone next Sunday. It is so easy to want to take it home for your own family but I challenge you to resist, and serve someone that God is leading you towards with the meal you will be preparing. Do this as a family and discuss and celebrate!

Finally, I am attaching a link to blog post that I feel may be helpful in discussing with your kids about how Jesus is real! With so many other outside factors pointing us to believe the opposite, it is important for us to be sure and remind our kids of the truth that Jesus is real. If he is real then sin is real, death is real, but gloriously so, salvation is real as well!

Jesus Is Real


Be blessed!

Justin Davis | Kids Minister at the Ave.