Tonight was the 50th anniversary of a Charlie Brown Christmas. This brings back so many wonderful memories of mine as a kid at Christmas time. This has always been my absolute favorite time of year and so many of the memories I cherish have come from this season. We want to help you and your family create memories together this time of year and we have some great opportunities going on for you to join in on!

First, this coming Friday, the Women's Ministry is hosting their Vintage Christmas event. This is for women of all ages but is also a great experience for moms and daughters to enjoy together. The cost is $5 which includes a craft fee. I highly encourage you to attend and to bring you daughter or maybe even your own mom. More info is at the link below and you can sign up there as well.

Vintage Christmas Sign Up

Second, our Family Christmas Party is coming up next Saturday right here at the church at 4pm! (I apologize for the calendar error). This is a great event for the family and is a lot of fun. We will go out into the community to serve together, come back for food, crafts, and cookies, and we will cap off the night with some awesome games. This is for all families at our church with kids and we will have something special for our families with younger kids (toddler range) as well.  You can RSVP by visiting the link below and filling out the form. This event is 100% and 100% full of Christmas cheer!

Christmas Party RSVP

Third (and lastly), I think that this time of year there are so many ways to connect and remind our kids what the reason for the season really is. We are getting ready to kick off a sermon series about this very thing and will be discussing it in Kids Worship as well. I find myself overwhelmed with the busyness of the season and find it hard to commit to leading my own family to reflect on this throughout the month. I cam across this resource from another church that I thought was fantastic. Take this and use it! I am attaching a direct download below for a devotional and for the activity materials that go alongside of it. (Ignore the stuff about the church and supplement our church when possible). And let me encourage you in this way....don't let this season overwhelm you! Take this material (or others that you and your family may already use) and just seek to reflect as often as you can! Maybe even share this with a family friend and do it together or establish accountability within your family to make this a priority.

I am excited to enjoy this season with you and your family!