Sunday Small Groups

Bowling Small Group

Time: 5pm

Location: The Leader's Home

Leaders: Shane and Cathy Bowling

Lifestage: Couples age 30+ with elementary to middle school age kids

Davis Small Group

Time: 5pm

Location: Various Homes

Leaders: Justin and Hannah Davis

Lifestage: Couples and singles 25+ with infant to preschool age kids

Stewart Small Group

Time: 6pm

Location: The Leader's Home

Leaders: Robert and Joni Stewart

Lifestage: Couples and Singles of various ages who, if they have kids, are middle school to high school age 

Quinn Small Group

Time: 5pm

Leaders: Matthew and Jenny Quinn

Location: The Leader's Home

Lifestage: Couples and singles 20+ who, if they have children, are infant to preschool age


Monday SMall Groups

Gaw Small Group

Time: 7pm

Location: The Leader's Home

Leaders: Mark and Sherry Gaw

Lifestage: Couples and Singles age 40+ with high school to college age kids

Tuesday Groups

Davidson Small Group

Time: 7pm

Location: Group attendee home

Leaders: Ronnie and Denise Davidson

Lifestage: Couples ages 45+ with college to post college age kids

Hodum Small Group

Time: 7pm

Location: The Leader's Home

Leaders: Bobby and Janice Hodum

Lifestage: Couples and Singles age