A women's event that brings the traditions of Christmas back! 

Three major things make up this fun holiday event: 

1.    Christmas Keepsake- You leave with something that you make. This year we will be making a wreath. Contact Hannah Davis at 931.510.4854 for more information.

2.    Mission: Run to the Mailbox- We love receiving Christmas cards, but so many people don’t receive cards or visits anymore at Christmas. Make Christmas cards that we take to people throughout our community to give them the feeling that we get when we receive a card in the mail. 

3.    A Time of Sharing- A short time of sharing will take place to bring us back to the true meaning of Christmas. 

Sign up now by filling out the form below, on Sunday morning at the front of the auditorium or fill out an event card located in the back of any pew.

Cost: $10 Craft Fee

Light meal will be served

Childcare provided

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